A Pause to Enjoy – Spring Wildflowers

Here are a few photos I took this past weekend in the California central valley along the Stanislaus River. Wildflowers are blooming around every rock, between the blades of grass and in the nooks and crannies of the river.  The bursts of color, a rapidly flowing river as the snow begins ever so slowly to melt in the high Sierras, and a bright beautiful day are hard to beat for relaxation and for refreshing the mind and spirit.

Now that we are into Spring in the northern hemisphere, the southern slips into autumn and equally beautiful colors appear.  Last year I spent a bit of time outside of Melbourne and along the river banks I saw trees in colors as spectacular as those I saw in Vermont as a child.

I like the two transitional seasons of spring and autumn best of all perhaps because they are harbingers of what is too come.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great spring (or autumn)!  If you like these, you can see more pictures that I have taken as I travel around the world here.