Big Data & Analytics in Recruiting

Big data and analytics are just beginning to be tapped for recruiting and learning, but their future growth will depend on HR practitioners understanding of what big data and analytics can do for them, their willingness to use the data to make decisions and change behavior, and agreement around privacy and ethical use of this information. The overarching technical enabling factors are artificial... read more

Provincetown-The Pilgrims First Home

While we all think the Pilgrims first set foot on Plymouth Rock, it was actually here in Provincetown, Cape Cod. Out here at the very eastern tip of Massachusetts, you can experience what the Pilgrims saw: An inhospitable landscape of sand dunes, rocky beaches, and probably Indians.  A few weeks after landing,  they hightailed it a bit further north to much more habitable Plymouth. It was there they built... read more

What the Income Tax Ended: The Breakers in Newport

This is the Breakers, the summer cottage of Cornelius Vanderbilt. It was designed by Richard Morris Hunt and built in 1895 in Italian Renaissance style.  This mansion required 200 servants to manage the parties and social events that regularly took place.   But when it was built, the end was already in sight. By 1906, Teddy Roosevelt was endorsing an estate tax and by the advent of World War I both... read more

Vermont – A Transformed State

Spent 10 days in Vermont, my home state, visiting family and attending my high school reunion. Vermont remains amazingly beautiful and unspoiled. Even though it weathered a once-in-a-century flood 3 years ago, it has completely recovered, as far as I can see.  This covered bridge was washed away and reduced to splinters during the flood, but has been rebuilt in a remarkably short time. When I was in high... read more

“The Medium is the Massage” in 2011

The year is 1967 and an academic named Marshall McLuhan writes a book.  It’s a book called “The Medium is the Massage,” with only a few pages, pictures, white space and not very many words. It would revolutionize how we think about media. The title: “The Medium is the MASSAGE” was a printer’s error.  It was supposed to be “The Medium is the MESSAGE.”  He... read more

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