A Pause to Enjoy – Spring Wildflowers

Here are a few photos I took this past weekend in the California central valley along the Stanislaus River. Wildflowers are blooming around every rock, between the blades of grass and in the nooks and crannies of the river.  The bursts of color, a rapidly flowing river as the snow begins ever so slowly to melt in the high Sierras, and a bright beautiful day are hard to beat for relaxation and for... read more

A Friday Diversion: Biking & Walking in the U.S. and Europe

This is my Friday diversion from the usual things I write about. One of my pet peeves is the devotion to the automobile shown by the U.S., California and the Bay Area. While I like to drive and I am not a biker, I do enjoy walking. I wish I could simply walk to my local grocery store or to the barber or dentist.  But in the Bay Area that is a dangerous activity.  A few months ago I decided to walk to the... read more

What We Can Learn from the 1939 World’s Fair

Perhaps the greatest of World’s Fairs took place from 1939 to 1940 in Flushing Meadows, New York. The theme of the fair was the Dawn of a New Day and urged visitors to look at the world of tomorrow. A pamphlet given out at the fair had this to say: “The eyes of the Fair are on the future – not in the sense of peering toward the unknown nor attempting to foretell the events of tomorrow and the... read more

Hungarian Food In Sydney

After the ATC conference, we headed out to find a nice place for a quiet dinner with John and Addie Sullivan, Master Burnett, and a few of the folks that make the ATC happen.  Trevor Vas, a co-director of the conference has a Hungarian background and knew of a small restaurant in a suburb of Sydney called the Corner 75 Hungarian Restaurant, 75 Frenchman’s Road, Randwick. When we arrived it was... read more

Karekare Beach and HR

Karekare Beach on New Zealand’s northeastern coast is where movies such as The Piano were filmed.  It is wild, empty and beautiful; yet it is only a few miles from New Zealand largest city, Auckland.  Artists and writers live nearby; painters and photographers love the waves, sky, clouds, and sand. I have had the good fortune to visit here several times and each time its emptiness surprises. Access... read more

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