Karekare Beach and HR

Karekare Beach

Karekare Beach & Me

Karekare Beach on New Zealand’s northeastern coast is where movies such as The Piano were filmed.  It is wild, empty and beautiful; yet it is only a few miles from New Zealand largest city, Auckland.  Artists and writers live nearby; painters and photographers love the waves, sky, clouds, and sand.

I have had the good fortune to visit here several times and each time its emptiness surprises. Access is on foot or by a rural road that ends in a small car park several hundred yards from the beach.  Usually you have to cross a stream to get to the beach. There are no food stands, no rentals, and almost no people.  Just the odd couple, a few kids, a family here and there.  The waves and wind and gulls keep it clean, fresh water streams down off the nearby hills, and it is the perfect place to sit, read, think, and enjoy the wild crashing sea.

The native Maori once had a clash here with another invading Maori tribe. Many were killed but a few found nearby caves, hunkered down, and waited for the aggressors to move on.  When they did, these Maori emerged and restarted their community.  This is symbolic of the need in tough times to find safe havens, wait for times to changes and prepare to emerge better than before.

Each of us needs to be focusing on sustainable human resources – what is the optimum formula to guide the acquisition and development as well as the performance of people and what will enhance their commitment to your organization?  This is the most important question for us to be working on.