Provincetown-The Pilgrims First Home

While we all think the Pilgrims first set foot on Plymouth Rock, it was actually here in Provincetown, Cape Cod. Out here at the very eastern tip of Massachusetts, you can experience what the Pilgrims saw: An inhospitable landscape of sand dunes, rocky beaches, and probably Indians.  A few weeks after landing,  they hightailed it a bit further north to much more habitable Plymouth. It was there they built the first settlement.

Today Provincetown is a tourist destination with all the usual bars and restaurants. It’s a jumble of crowded streets, tourist shops, and convenience stores mixed in with historic spots, and a lot of beach – most of which the Cost Guard protects as an environmentally sensitive area.  The dunes are extensive and open to the public during the day.

It’s not a place I would choose to spend a lot of time in, but it is interesting for a day or two.